…Yeah, I’m the Taxman

Well, it’s that day again folks. The Republicans’ least favorite day of the year. Tax day. Not only do they have to pay money to the government (gasp), but, as impossible as it may sound, on this day their hypocrisy becomes even more exposed than usual. Tax day reminds everyone that these super-patriots, this love-it-or-leave-it, wave the red white and blue, God Bless America crowd are people who love their country so much they’ll do anything for it—except help pay for it. April 15 reminds everyone that the Republicans’ money aint where their mouth is, their bullshit walks while real patriots’ money talks.

To show where Republicans’ true allegiance lies (for those who still might have doubts), this week they appear ready to bring up H.R. 9, the Small Business Tax Cut Act which lets businesses deduct up to 20% of their income in 2012 (at a cost of $46 billion). Of course, in true Republican fashion, it’s set up so that nearly half the cut goes to benefit people making over $1 million/year, and over 80% to those making over $200,000—in other words, Republican donors.

So isn’t this going to help the economy? Well, it’ll help the economy of the well-to-do, but it wont help the economy of the country. In addition to worsening the deficit (hey, don’t Republicans think that’s supposed to be bad?) it wont help employment because cash availability is not the limiting factor for businesses right now, it’s lack of demand. Nick, a commenter to one of today’s NY Times editorials said it well:

I own a small business with 7 employees. Let me very clear – I have never made a hiring decision based on tax policy, and never will. It makes absolutely no sense. I hire the number of people I need to accomplish the work that needs to be done. No less, and no more. In other words, it is all driven by the demand for the goods and services my business provides…These Republicans who say that tax policy drives hiring decisions are either morons or bold faced liars, probably both…There is no tax policy in the world that would get me to hire more people than I need to meet the current demands of my business, and that is driven by my customers and their spending levels, not tax policy.

More money in the hands of the middle class is the only thing that will give a real economic recovery. The 1% spend a much lower proportion of their income on goods and services, and concentrating wealth in their hands only slows our climb out of our current hole. And what do they say is the first thing to do when you’re in a hole? Stop digging.