Red Card for Herman Cain

Herman deserves a red card (immediate ejection from the playing field, for the non-soccer-aware) for misplaying the Red Card in a Monday interview on PBS (see this report from the Huffington Post). While engaging in generations-old Republican scare tactics over the “Communist threat,” he announced that

“[China] indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability.”

Since of course China has had nuclear weapons since 1964, it confirms what we’ve already suspected: Herman Cain has been clueless for his entire adult life. Someone this ignorant of world events wouldn’t get hired as a legislative assistant by a Democrat, but of course the Republicans, with their bottomless disdain for facts, think he’d make a wonderful president. Much as I’d love to see Obama run against this pizza bumpkin, this ignoramus who prides himself on not knowing the names of foreign leaders such as “the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan,” patriotism requires that our country not embarrass itself any further. Herman Cain, go to the locker room…you’re disqualified.

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