Here Come the Cuts

Interesting editorial in todays NY Times  on the automatic budget cuts (called the “sequester”) due in January as a consequence of our failure to develop a rational budget. Lots of things get automatic cuts, including student loan assistance, the FBI, embassy security, special education. Interestingly, salaries of our congressional representatives are NOT included in expenditures at risk. Gosh, I wonder how they could’ve overlooked that?

Why are we putting healthcare for children, the elderly and the disabled, student loans, protecting the environment, workplace and transportation safety, infrastructure repair and expansion, and all the other beneficial functions of government on the chopping block side by side with tax breaks for millionaires and the hundreds of billions we funnel to war contractors? Let the well-to-do pay the same share they did in the ’90s. Our bloated military, which spends more than all other militaries in the world put together does almost nothing for the citizens of America. It is being used to maintain our leaders’ illusions of being in charge of a global empire and to distract the “patriotic” from problems at home. That’s right, Mr. and Mrs. “Support the Troops,” you’re supporting them all right, but they’re not supporting you. Yes they are brave, and they are being killed and wounded executing the strategies of our elected officials while wearing American uniforms, but that doesn’t mean anything they do helps you. Lowering military spending by 9% as the sequester calls for is barely a shaving nick, not a cut. Cut 69% of it and you and I will be just as “safe.” The only thing endangered by lowering military spending by two thirds will be the dreams and fantasies of politicians and generals. Too bad for them.

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