So, I read that the hero of the South, Rick Perry, has as one of his main platforms repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which he charitably refers to as “Obamacare.” He and all the other Republicans who bandy this term about seem to think it’s a smart move on their part to link President Obama very tightly to health care reform. That way, all the people who would’ve gotten thrown off their health insurance plan for getting too sick, or who got too sick to work and then couldn’t buy coverage at any price would know who to blame for them still being able to get medical care. Good idea, Republicans. For once I agree with you. Mr. Obama deserves full credit for being the first president in American history to get a majority (barely) of Congress to agree that civilized countries ensure their citizens are cared for when they are hurt or sick, rather than the “survival of the richest” medical plan that is the essence of Republican health care policy. Yes, this is Obama’s care plan and I thank him for it. You will too if you lose your job and then get sick.

 Oh, we can’t afford it? I say we can’t afford foreign wars that attempt to reform the unreformable and a war machine that can fight any country anywhere anytime that we say threatens our “interests”. We can’t afford to have multi-billion dollar corporations pay little or no taxes just so their leaders and owners will donate to right-wing candidates (to be fair, they’d donate to left wing candidates that would also maintain their breaks). Let’s take care of Americans for a while.

2 comments on “Obamacare

  1. Don Peters says:

    I agree with you, but there is the problem of the major effects of the bill not being felt until 2014! The majority of Americans see no effect yet (parents of unemployed kids not yet 26 and those with preexisting conditions are starting to realize the benefits) and won’t until after the election when every republican candidate at every level lies about the so called “obamacare”. If it has any effect on the election it will be a negative one because the Republicans have captured the language and the image of the bill with their incessant lie machine.

    • Rob Porter says:

      Good point about the delay in effects. A shame we didn’t have more immediate benefits, but I was able to put my (then) 22 and 24 yr old kids back on my company policy, and that was no small deal. Of course you’re right about losing control of the language and the debate. Do what you can to fight this!

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